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Outer Banks Pledge

As outlined in Goal #1 of the Outer Banks Long-Range Tourism Management Plan (LRTMP) - Strengthen Resident and Visitor Engagement - one of the strategic recommendations is to develop a pledge to communicate the important values of responsible behavior on the Outer Banks. 

The Dare County Tourism Board Special Committee is currently in the process of crafting such a pledge to recommend to the Dare County Tourism Board. As part of the process of creating an Outer Banks Pledge, the committee has explored why other destinations from around the world have created tourism pledges in recent years and has reviewed such pledges for inspiration and perspective. Examples of other destination pledges include:

What is a Tourism Pledge?
Initiatives that encourage visitors to commit to responsible behaviors when they travel.

What are Tourism Pledges Trying to Accomplish?
  • Engage visitors’ emotions to inspire them to care about the destination)
  • Require visitors to take action rather than passively reading a list of guidelines
  • Make their promises public by signing the pledge and submitting

What is the Long-Term Goal of Such a Pledge?
Ultimately, the long-term goal of a destination pledge is to positively influence behaviors, including inspiring greater respect for the natural environment and local culture as well as ensuring visitor safety.