Salvo, NC

Salvo for a simpler time.

Originally called Clarks or Clarksville, the village of Salvo on the Outer Banks got is name in a most interesting way. The legend goes that during the Civil War, a sailor aboard a Union ship passing off the coast of Hatteras Island spied the town of Clarks, but couldn't find a name for it on the map. He informed his captain who famously said, "Give it a salvo anyway." They did, and the sailor then wrote "Salvo" on his map to mark the North Carolina town. The town took on its new name in 1901 when it got its own post office.

Today, a vacation through parts of Salvo will revel stacked crab pots, fish boxes and Banker fisherman at work just as they were generations ago. The rhythm of life is slower, relaxation and peace and quiet easy to find, but there's still plenty of things to do. The beauty of the area abounds with white sandy beaches, beautiful blue waters and many sand hills, perfect for kite boarding and wind surfing, canoeing and exploring the beauty of the Sound. Or just grab a fishing pole and find a spot to wait for something to bite.