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Dare County Tourism Board Special Committee
On November 16, 2023, the Dare County Tourism Board reviewed recommendations for appointment to the Outer Banks Long-Range Tourism Management Plan (LRTMP) Special Committee/Task Force and unanimously approved the selection of 22 community members to this group. The intent of this committee is to evaluate the strategic goals outlined in the LRTMP, make recommendations to the Dare County Tourism Board for action and further implement adopted recommendations. The individuals in this group represent a mix of local leaders, Dare County professionals across industries and interests, and concerned residents.

If you are a Dare County resident or non-resident property owner and would like to be considered for a seat on the Dare County Tourism Board Special Committee in the future, please complete and submit an online application.


The next Special Committee meeting will be held on Wednesday, August 14 at 9:15am at the Outer Banks Visitors Bureau administrative offices on Roanoke Island. The meeting is open to the public, although seating will be limited.



Special Committee Meeting Highlights

Wednesday, February 7, 2024

Agenda | Presentation | Minutes | Video Recap

Meeting highlights included:

  • Non-profit organization partnerships - Discussion topics included the creation of a non-profit directory on OuterBanks.org, monthly non-profit organization/community enewsletter communication, the 2nd Annual NPO Mission Mixer (April 2024), a future NPO Knowledge Series workshop (September 2024) and proactive non-profit/voluntourism marketing and PR efforts by the Outer Banks Visitors Bureau.
  •  Resident engagement program – Discussion topics included examples of how the Outer Banks community was engaged in the creation of the LRTMP, the impact of transparent two-way communication with residents, the importance of communicating tourism’s value to residents, a review of existing/upcoming resident communications tactics, the creation of a more robust LRTMP website presence and exploring various community engagement tactics such as the creation of an ambassador program.
  • Outer Banks Pledge – The committee discussed the rationale behind why destinations have created tourism pledges in recent years, explored other tourism pledges from around the world and reviewed a preliminary draft of an Outer Banks Pledge. 

Wednesday, March 13, 2024

Agenda Community Engagement Report | MinutesVideo Recap

Meeting highlights included:

  • Prioritizing LRTMP strategies and tactics that the group can lead and look to accomplish in 2024
  • Identifying the local organizations, commissions and committees who are already working on projects and initiatives that overlap with the strategies within the LRTMP
  • Gathering data from these various groups to better inform and educate the Special Committee on aspects that apply directly to the strategic goals in the LRTMP


Wednesday, April 10, 2024

Agenda  |  Minutes  |  Video Recap

After a few brief community engagement updates and gaining consensus among the group to present the latest draft of the Outer Banks Promise with the Dare County Tourism Board at their meeting on April 18, the committee divided into two smaller work groups to explore LRTMP Goal #2 (Adopt an integrated approach to improve environmental stewardship) and LRTMP Goal #3 (Support infrastructure development that benefits the vitality of the community for residents and visitors). From those discussions, the following action items emerged:

  • Collect sustainability plans from municipalities, agencies and non-profit organizations, as well as LRTMP survey information, to identify and prioritize the environmental challenges we are trying to address and help solve
  • Help to establish and promote environmental stewardship communications (based on the priority issues that are identified) through local recreation outfitters and into events through the various organizers
  • Define the structural and human aspects of "infrastructure" (i.e. - roads, sidewalks, high-speed internet, schools, transportation, emergency services, beach nourishment, child care, etc.)
  • Continue creating an inventory of local infrastructure partners and collaborate with these groups to offer a tourism perspective on the areas that overlap with the goals and strategies of the LRTMP
  • Collaborate with local stakeholders to gain a better understanding of accessibility efforts and related inventory in Dare County and enhance the awareness and communication of that access

Wednesday, May 8, 2024

Agenda  Community Engagement Report  |  Minutes (coming soon)  |  Video Recap

The Dare County Tourism Board Special Committee held its fourth meeting on May 8. The committee opened with a discussion on the Outer Banks Promise, a destination pledge that is designed to inspire responsible and safe behavior. The Dare County Tourism Board approved the Promise at its April meeting and work is underway to introduce it to the community and to visitors in advance of the 2024 summer season.

In addition to a community campaign to generate awareness and understanding of the Outer Banks Promise with local residents, visitors will also have the opportunity to engage with these seven core messages via Outer Banks Visitors Bureau (OBVB) digital channels (website, social, email), as well as at the four Welcome Centers. Similar pledges have been adopted by other tourism-driven destinations around the world, including Aspen, COBig Sur, CAFinlandIcelandHawaii, and Sedona, AZ.

The committee then picked up where it left off in the April meeting by breaking into smaller groups to continue their discussions on environmental stewardship and infrastructure development. Several action items have been prioritized, such as:

  • Reviewing resident feedback on environmental concerns to see how the committee can align with and prioritize addressing those challenges.
  • Collecting sustainability plans from other local organizations to also help identify and prioritize what to focus on.
  • Identifying environmental, infrastructure and accessibility experts to educate the committee, industry partners and the community on these issues and opportunities.
  • Continuing to identify local councils, commissions and organizations whose work overlaps with the LRTMP and invite collaboration and support of those efforts.

2024-2025 LRTMP Special Committee Members


Dennis Robinson - Committee Chair, Midgett Realty Nick Graham, Standard Insurance & Realty
Mark Ballog, Lucky 12 Tavern David Hallac, National Parks of Eastern North Carolina
Jessica Barnes, Outer Banks Forever Natalie Kavanagh, Frisco Rod & Gun
Karen Brown, Outer Banks Chamber of Commerce Elizabeth Morey, Town of Southern Shores
Tim Cafferty, Outer Banks Blue Realty Services Lee Nettles, Outer Banks Visitors Bureau
Dr. Shannon Castillo, Dare County Schools Bobby Outten, Dare County
Jamie Chisholm, Hilton Garden Inn - Kitty Hawk Mike Remige, Jennette's Pier
Dr. Reide Corbett, Coastal Studies Institute Chris Sawin, Outer Banks Community Foundation
Donna Creef, Outer Banks Association of REALTORS® Ronnie Sloan, Outer Banks Health
Augusta Feldmann, KPMG Tim Sweeney, College of the Albemarle - Dare Campus
Mary Helen Goodloe-Murphy, The Coastland Times Chris Vlahos, Barefoot Bernie's Tropical Grill & Bar