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The Outer Banks Long Range Tourism Management Plan


Traditionally, our job at the Outer Banks Visitors Bureau has been to attract visitors to Dare County and encourage travelers to spend their discretionary time and income at local businesses as they enjoy a unique vacation experience. Over time, it has become necessary for our work to evolve beyond stimulating such economic impact by visitors to ensure that residents also have a strong quality of life and experience here as well.

The Outer Banks Long Range Tourism Management Plan (LRTMP) was published in May 2023, following an 18-month process begun by the Dare County Tourism Board and executed by the staff of the Outer Banks Visitors Bureau and partners at MMGY NextFactor and Tourism Economics. The comprehensive plan, which included creating a special task force and curating the input of hundreds of tourism community stakeholders and thousands of Dare County residents, provides a roadmap for the future to ensure that tourism preserves – and even benefits – the environment, culture and quality of life for residents while enhancing visitor experiences. By design, the LRTMP is a living document that will continue to deliver exceptional value to the community as we journey through the implementation phase and forge new partnerships along the way.

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