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OBX 2017 Beach Nourishment

What is beach nourishment?
Beach nourishment widens existing beaches by pumping sand from offshore “borrow sites” or sandbars onto the shoreline. The goal of this project is to provide an added barrier of protection to shorelines that have experienced significant erosion, and to prevent property and infrastructure damage in these exposed areas. Check out an informative video on beach nourishment here. 

What areas are getting beach nourishment?
The 2017 Outer Banks project will include:

North Duck: from Norbanks Drive north to Oyster Catcher Lane – approximately 1.6  miles of coastline

Southern Shores: from Kitty Hawk Pier north to 44 Ocean Boulevard – approximately 2,500 feet of coastline

Kitty Hawk: all Kitty Hawk shoreline, approximately 4 miles

Kill Devil Hills: from Prospect Ave (near the Wright Brother’s Monument) north to the Kitty Hawk town border, approximately 2.7 miles of shoreline

What is the projected time line?
An updated timeline was introduced by the project managers  (Beach Nourishment Consultants, Coastal Planning & Engineering and Great Lakes Dredge and Docks), in January 2017. These dates are subject to change based on weather, equipment, etc. Please note that dredge support operations will begin approximately one month before construction. This will include laying subline and assembling land based machinery. The current proposed timeline is as follows:

North Duck: from late May until to late July
Town of Duck Beach Nourishment

Southern Shores: (To Be Determined)
Southern Shores Beach Nourishment

Kitty Hawk: from late June until late August
Kitty Hawk Beach Nourishment

Kill Devil Hills: from early August until early to mid-September
Kill Devil Hills Beach Nourishment

For updates on this project, please visit MoreBeachToLove.com.