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Your Guide to Dare County Tourism

  • Tourism provides 13,880+ jobs in Dare County, employing 1-in-3 county residents.
  • Annual Dare County tourism generates more than $130 million+ ($1,409 per resident) in State and Local tax revenue.
  • Because tourism generates this revenue, each Dare County resident enjoys tax relief of $3,147 annually.
  • Visitor spending in Dare County surpasses $1.8 billion in 2022.
  • Dare is #4 among North Carolina’s 100 counties in terms of visitor spending.
  • A 6% Dare County Occupancy tax (collected when visitors rent short-term lodging) is shared between Dare County and the six municipalities, the Beach Nourishment Fund, and the Dare County Tourism Board.
  • Dare County and the municipalities receive half (3% of the 6% Occupancy tax) to be used “only for tourist-related purposes, including construction and maintenance of public facilities and buildings, garbage, refuse, and solid waste collection and disposal, police protection, and emergency services.”
  • Of the Occupancy tax net proceeds received by Dare County and the towns, Dare receives 32% and the municipalities split the remaining 68%.
  • Beach Nourishment receives 2% of the Occupancy tax net proceeds.
  • The Tourism Board receives the remaining 1% of Occupancy tax, and 1% of a Prepared Food and Beverage tax. By law, 75% of these dollars are to be used to promote tourism and for the cost of administration. The remaining 25% are for programs or services needed due to the impact of tourism.
  • Occupancy tax dollars reduce your ad valorem property taxes significantly regardless of where you own property in Dare County.
  • During the 19/20 fiscal year, Occupancy tax contributed the following to Dare County, the municipalities, Beach Nourishment and the Dare County Tourism Board:


  1. Dare County - $4,664,831
  2. Kill Devil Hills - $2,740,880
  3. Kitty Hawk - $1,405,630
  4. Manteo - $660,190
  5. Nags Head - $2,741,871
  6. Southern Shores – $936,756
  7. Duck - $1,427,438
  8. Beach Nourishment - $10,214,436
  9. Tourism Board - $5,107,218

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