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Our beaches have brought couples and whole families to The OBX for decades. They range from rolling sand dunes to the legendary Big Kill Devil Hill in the then town of Kitty Hawk, where the Wright brothers first took flight – and flying is still the tradition here. Nags Head is a popular spot for hang gliders, both long-timers and first-timers. There are miles of quiet beach that you can walk on, or even drive on with a 4x4 and proper permits. If you’re bringing a dog, the town of Duck might be the perfect place for you! Voted one of the most pet-friendly beaches in America, if you’re staying overnight in Duck, your fuzzy buddy can enjoy the beach leash-free.

Just a few minutes from the northern beaches, you can find the Elizabethan Gardens – 10 full acres of flowers and flora from both the New World and Old World. The historic site is the namesake of Queen Elizabeth I and includes incredible connections to British royalty. For example, an English rose bush was donated by Queen Elizabeth II herself, straight from the royal family’s rose garden at Windsor Castle.

We don’t have a castle – yet. But all families find comfort and beauty in the vacation homes for rent on The OBX. There are oceanfront properties big-enough for royal-sized families and plenty of intimate picks for small groups and couples. Explore all The Outer Banks has to offer, start planning now.