Text OBXBEACHCONDITIONS to 77295 to sign up for beach-related weather and ocean condition alerts.

Love the Beach Respect the Ocean has worked with Current TV to produced several quick Beach Hazard PSA's for beach safety on the Outer Banks of North Carolina. Here, you will learn how to love the beach, while respecting the ocean. We provide hints and tips for staying safe and informing others of this lifesaving knowledge. 



The power of the ocean deserves everyone's respect.  The force of shorebreak waves can catch unsuspecting swimmers off guard driving them into the sand , causing neck and back injuries, and in some cases, even drowning. Such incidents can be easily prevented with a few local tips…

  1. Know before you go, and check local beach forecasts before you head out.
  2. Always swim near a lifeguard.
  3. Always be mindful of the incoming waves, even when near the water's edge.
  4. When in the water play the over and under game. Little wave we go over, larger wave we go under.



Rip Currents

The power of the ocean deserves everyone's respect.  Even on tranquil days, hard to see powerful rip currents are present up and down our coast.  Every year unsuspecting swimmers find themselves in the grip of a rip. Many lose their lives.

  1. Such tragic events can be easily prevented with a few local tips…
  2. Know before you go, and check local beach forecasts before you head out.
  3. Always swim near a lifeguard.
  4. If you find yourself caught in a rip current, don’t panic, float, wave and shout until help can arrive.  
  5. If you’re a good swimmer, don’t fight the rip, swim parallel to the beach to break free of the current’s hold.


Marine Life

The marine life found in our ocean deserves everyone's respect.  It’s important to remember that the ocean is home to many beautiful and sometimes dangerous marine life.

  1. Dangerous interactions with such marine life can be easily prevented with a few local tips…
  2. Always swim near a lifeguard.
  3. Shuffle your feet as you walk in the water to avoid skates and rays.
  4. Don't swim too far from shore.
  5. Avoid the water at night, dawn, or dusk.
  6. Stay clear of any wildlife swimming in the water.
  7. Avoid waters being fished and those with schools of bait fishes. Diving seabirds are good indicators of such activities.


Lifeguarded Beaches

Lifeguarded beaches are by far the safest places to swim. Here's a list of lifeguarded beaches from Duck down to Hatteras Island Most are staffed with lifeguards from Memorial Day weekend through Labor Day (9am-5pm).



Barrier Island Station
Four Seasons
Plover Drive
Schooner Ridge Drive
Sprigtail Drive

Southern Shores

Chickahauk Beach
Hillcrest Beach

Kitty Hawk

Byrd Street - milepost 2
Eckner Street - milepost 3
Kitty Hawk Bath House, south of Kitty Hawk Road - milepost 4

Kill Devil Hills

1st Street - Milepost 7.5
2nd  Street - milepost 7.25
4th Street - milepost 6.75
5th Street - milepost 6.5 (near KMART)
Asheville Street - milepost 7.5
Atlantic Street - milepost 9.5
Calvin Street - mp9
Carlow Avenue - MP 8.25
Clark Street - MP 9
Hayman Boulevard - MP 5.75
Helga Street - MP 5.5
Lake Drive - MP 9.75
Martin Street - MP 9.25
Neptune Drive (Ocean Acres) - MP 9.75
Ocean Bay Boulevard - MP 8.5
Oregon Avenue - MP 8.6
Woodmere Avenue - MP 8

Nags Head

Albatross Street - MP 10.25
Bonnett Street - MP 11.5 
Enterprise Street - MP 14
Epstein Street - MP 14.5
Forrest Street - MP 15.75
Gray Eagle Street - MP 16.5
Gulf Stream Street - MP 16.6
Hollowell Street - MP 12
Hargrove Street - MP 17.5
Juncos Street - MP 19.5

Cape Hatteras National Seashore

Coquina Beach Access (Bodie Island)
Cape Hatteras Lighthouse Beach Access (Cape Hatteras Lighthouse old location)
NEW for 2019! Frisco Beach Access (Located just south of Frisco Village)
The CHNS posts the daily beach forecast and ocean safety information on its website and social media (Facebook and Twitter).


A trip to the Outer Banks' beautiful beaches is an enjoyable and memorable experience for many visitors and families. Whether you’re going swimming, sailing or surfing, taking strolls in the sand or laying out to catch some sun, or participating in any of the many other activities at our coastal attractions, we want your time at the beach to be as safe as it is fun. Check out more beach safety tips here. Live like a local, love the beach, respect the ocean. #lovethebeachrespecttheocean