The Outer Banks Visitors Bureau is a proud partner of the Outdoor NC Alliance and we’re thrilled to share our commitment to stewardship of our shared outdoor spaces with you. We have joined the Outdoor NC movement to preserve and protect our cherished outdoor spaces for future generations to enjoy. Our goal is to actively promote stewardship and responsible recreation in the outdoors, which will ensure our state is the world-class destination we know and love, forever.


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What is Outdoor NC?

Outdoor NC is a movement that is committed to promoting stewardship throughout North Carolina, inspiring everyone to not only experience the outdoors, but embrace and protect it as well. It provides a wide variety of resources which educate outdoor adventurers on how they can recreate responsibly, respectfully, and safely. As an Outdoor NC Alliance partner, we actively encourage everyone to join our collective movement to protect our beloved, shared outdoor spaces. We invite you to join the Outdoor NC movement by clicking the button below. 
It’s easier than you think to join the movement. It can be as simple as following the Leave No Trace® Seven Principles. Or you can get more involved and participate in several of our volunteer opportunities & community events year-round that help keep the OBX a beautiful place to visit. Whatever level of involvement, we welcome you, knowing you share our goals of being considerate, inclusive, respectful, and staying safe in our great outdoors.