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When to Visit the Outer Banks

Never mind the weather

As you can imagine life on a barrier island is at the mercy of the weather, which is just fine by us. Seasons change, each with their own definite characteristics that make the Outer Banks special. The one constant? There's something to see and do nearly every day of the year, regardless of the weather. Largely, this is due to the Gulf Stream and its cooling effects during the summer, its warming effects in the winter. Kind of like a giant radiator. So when should you visit?

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The shops and restaurants begin opening after Easter, in-sync with rising water and air temperature. Spring on the Outer Banks means an end to cabin fever, good fishing and spectacular birdwatching among the countless other activities warmer weather brings. With temperatures ranging from the mid 60's to 70's, nothing is off limits.

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Summer is by far the busiest time on the Outer Banks. Families fill the numerous rental houses and hotels. The beaches become hotspots, but never feel too crowded. The Islands fill with energy of thousands of people having the summer vacation of their dreams. The weather usually does its part, averaging in the low 80's with very few bad weather days.



Many locals will tell you fall is the best time to visit the Outer Banks. The weather is mild until the end of December, and the crowds have lessened. The fishing is great this time of year, and the winds pick up making the Outer Banks popular for wind surfing and kiteboarding. Expect average temperatures in the upper 70's and lows in the 60's and 50's. Read the 5 Reasons To Be Fired Up About Fall on the Outer Banks. 



Winters bring a healthy amount of solitude to the Outer Banks. For starters, our roads aren't salt and snow covered making it a good place to reclaim your sanity. And although many restaurants and small shops have closed, it's incredibly relaxing and romantic to walk the empty beaches looking for shells, or to just huddle under a blanket before a roaring fire.

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