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There’s plenty to do on the OBX. From climbing the highest sand dune on the east coast, or exploring the first national seashore to be established by the National Park Service. From Duck to Hatteras and everywhere in between, explore attractions with heroic history, some of the best coastal landmarks on the east coast, wildlife refuges, three coastal maritime forests and aquatic attractions.
We brought together the best in artificial intelligence and human experience to make it easy for you to create your perfect trip quickly. Utrip’s technology uses your interests and budget to sort through hundreds of sites, activities, and restaurant recommendations on the Outer Banks to deliver a personalized itinerary -- in minutes! The OBX database is curated with the new and trendy and the can’t mist classics. Our local experts revealed some of their favorites and tips only for you.
To start using our Utrip itinerary builder, enter your travel dates, rank your travel preferences in the seven categories: Arts & Culture, Food & Drink, Fun & Entertainment, History & Landmark, Relaxation, Shopping, and Outdoors. For categories that fit your needs, slide to the right. Slide left for those that interest you less. To quickly choose a Trip Type without adjusting each slider, select Travel Style and pick the persona that best describes you.
Once that step is complete, the magic begins. Utrip’s powerful AI algorithm sorts through millions of potential combinations of lodging, sites, activities and restaurants. Utrip’s big data approach also considers critical factors such as seasonality and logistics. Click a listing for a description and link to their website. To make a list of favorites, select the heart icon on the left of each listing. Navigate the top tabs for a complete collection of your Favorites, along with Lodging and Local Experts. In minutes, you have a comprehensive day-by-day itinerary, complete with maps. We’ll help you plan an adventure with great memories and true, lasting impressions of what the Outer Banks is all about. In air, on land or at sea do one or do them all. 

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