Naturally, the right thing to do

The Outer Banks of North Carolina is a different kind of place in part because of its unique ties to nature. Two ocean currents converging, dynamic barrier islands dancing with the waves of the Atlantic. Did you know half of Dare County is water? Or that around 80% of the land within the County cannot be developed because it belongs to a National or State park, preserve or wildlife refuge? Even with these assurances, we're working hard to ensure the Outer Banks remains a place dedicated to sustainable tourism and natural oceanside beauty.

Here are a few things we're doing:

Making a Difference Today by....
  • 475 tons of glass from local restaurants and private residences are kept out of landfills through a state of the art glass crusher.
  • Tons and tons of oyster shells are making their way back to local waters from the dinner table thanks to an innovative recycling program.
The State’s Leader in Recycling
  • Top ranked county (out of 100) in per capita recycling rate for the last seven years.
  • Local businesses, schools, residents and visitors participate in the voluntary recycling program.


Mixed Plastics 68 tons
Mixed Papers 483 tons
Aluminum Cans 21 tons
Glass 475 tons
Steel 18 tons
Cardboard 691 tons
Batteries 5,000 pounds
Computers 32,000 pounds
Paint 3,000 gallons
Oil 19,000 gallons
Oil Filters 6,000 filters