Miss Hatteras Captain Clam's Children's Pirate Cruise

57878 NC Highway 12
Hatteras, NC 27943
Phone: 252-986-2365
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Do you want to bring some adventure into your young’uns life? How about letting them relive the glory days of the infamous pirate Blackbeard? Your child and all of his little matey’s can set sail on the Miss Hatteras and Cap’n Clam in search of adventure that even includes ship to ship combat! A Pirate For The Evening! We’ll dress your children as pirates, complete with hats, swords and patches. They’ll relive the glory days of the Spanish Main, and set sail into the sunset looking for plunder and spoils! Children will love getting the chance to play pirate for the day on a real boat that’s actually in the mighty Atlantic! Over 200 years ago, the infamous Edward Teach, better known as Blackbeard, sailed the very same waters that your children will sail. Let them relive the adventure of being a scurvy sea-dog, all while safe and sound on a modern sailing vessel. This is the kind of Hatteras children’s party you’re child will never forget!

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