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The original Manteo ghost tour! Explore the streets of Manteo while your guide shares chilling stories of the Outer Banks - including present-day paranormal activity still occurring! Dare to discover the origins of ghosts who haunt the local Inn’s - where staff & guests have reported several strange occurrences. Prepare yourself for stories of murder, the lingering spirits of long-dead sea captains, pesky poltergeist…and more!

Experience the restless spirits of haunted Manteo including a visit to the village cemetery to discover creepy burial practices Victorians used to mourn their dead - and perhaps encounter the ghost-child lost in a tragic death at sea. Stay close to your guide as you visit the ghosts inhabiting the downtown all while hearing chilling tales of mysterious ghost-ships, witches, spirits of civil war soldiers, pirate ghosts…and more!

Dead men tell no tales - but we do! Scandalous stories from the golden age of piracy when the Outer Banks was a wild and lawless pirate haven fueled by rum, robbery, and revenge! Join us if ye dare for nefarious tales of blood- thirsty buccaneers - from the bigamy of Blackbeard to Anne Bonny’s booty - we include the adult-themed legends the other tours don’t tell you! Tour includes subject matter, content & language not suitable for young children.

Aargh! Drink up me hearties on our signature tasting tour for adults 21 years+ of age. From pirates, shipwrecks and the illegal rum trade in the colonies to English settlers brewing beer from corn, the Outer Banks has a rich drinking history! Guests on this fun tour will enjoy tasting several locally made products while our guides share tales & drinking history of the Outer Banks! If ye be brave enough, sample the locally made rum as you visit the first legal distillery on the NC Outer Banks, taste wines made from the native grapes of the original “mother vine” discovered on Roanoke Island by Sir Walter Raleigh in 1585 – and more! Price includes all alcohol tasting. Guests must be at least 21 years of age and are required to show valid ID.

We want to assure you that the safety and health of our tour guests is of utmost concern, and will be implementing COVID-19 safety precautions for safe tour experiences.

· Ghost Tours Are 100% Outside: All tour activities take place in uncrowded, open spaces and easily allow for physical distancing. Tours do not enter any buildings; at no time are guests “confined” to any indoor space or required to be in close contact to others.

· Small Tour Groups: Prior to COVID-19, we were already committed to limiting group sizes in order to ensure a high-quality tour experience. This quality commitment will continue, including further reduction of tour group sizes as applicable in order to be in compliance with current requirements.

· No-Touch Online Payment: Tour booking and payment is on-line through a secure payment portal. Book online

· Cancellation With Full Refund: If you or someone in your home is either sick or might have been exposed to COVIS-19, cancel by 5:00 PM on your tour date and receive a full refund. No questions asked. Please do not attend the tour if you or a member of your party is sick.

We are committed to staying up to date on the latest information and best practices for coronavirus and will add or modify practices in order to promote safe tour experiences for our guests

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