The Knight of the Black Flag signing with Shawn Lawson

Island Bookstore - Duck
1177 Duck Road
Scarborough Faire Shops
Duck, NC 27949-4553
June 18, 2018
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Phone: 252-261-8981

Time: 11AM-1PM

Price: All Readers Welcome

Just in time for the 300th Anniversary of Blackbeard's last battle off Ocracoke, writer Shawn Lawson has penned an historical fiction novel chronicling the life and adventures of Edward Teach.


Knight of the Black Flag captures the romanticism and adventure of the pirate genre but, at the same time, takes the reader to places previously unexplored. This is an amazing tale that challenges every stereotype that has come to epitomize this amazing figure and the life that he led. It is rooted in the small fragments of truth that have been recorded over the ages. Names and real events were pulled straight out of Colonial American deed books from Bath County, NC, 17021718, and blended with a wildly entertaining tale that will leave the reader wanting more (The Kirkland Press).

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