Outer Banks Virtual Cycle Event

Virtual Tour
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September 28, 2019 - October 12, 2019
Recurring daily
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50 Miles/40K/20K and open to all cyclists. Register Here.

What is a virtual race?

A virtual race is a race you can organize and complete anywhere in the world! You choose how, when and where you want to do your race. With the Fall 50 Miler, you don’t even have to do it all in one day! A virtual race allows people of all ages, speeds and abilities to compete without time restrictions and large crowds at traditional races.  Outer Banks Sporting Events race participants set their own movement and/or distance goals and complete the race on their own time, at their own pace — and at any location they choose.

To record miles on your bike you can use bike computers, trackers or apps such as MapMyRide. You can also create your own training log or download ours from above and keep track of your challenge miles that way – it all counts as evidence. We honestly do not feel that anyone would say they rode 20k, 40k or 50 miles when they didn't just to get a medal, but we feel logging your mileage will hold you accountable to the challenge! 

When does the race start?

You can register anytime up until September 21st, 2019. All distances can be completed at anytime before October 12th the the virtual series ends. The 20k & 40k MUST be completed in one ride. The Fall 50 can be completed either in one ride or more (over a two week period). You pick the category.

How do I prove I went the distance?

You can use your GPS device, phone app or simply download our mileage log sheet. When you are finished with your race, upload it using the upload button below in the "Race Evidence" section.

When Will I Receive My Medal and Shirt?

The medals & shirts are sent out at the end of the challenge. All you need to do is complete the evidence form and let us know if you were able to complete your challenge. If you were, we will mail your medal and shirt, if not just your shirt.