Cape Hatteras Wave Classic

Cape Hatteras, North Carolina
September 16, 2017 - September 22, 2017
Recurring daily
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The 2017 Cape Hatteras Wave Classic is a wave-focused kitesurfing event held September 16th - 22nd in Cape Hatteras, North Carolina. September is the perfect time of year to run the event - This is when our seasons start to change and riders are historically welcomed to Cape Hatteras with strong northeast wind and big swell.

Warm water, hollow barrels, epic wind, and pumping surf are just a few reasons why we love September. 
Find out more about why September is our favorite time for kiting and surfing in the Outer Banks...


Register HERE for the 2017 Cape Hatteras Wave Classic presented by Patagonia. This is an open event- anyone is allowed to register and compete. The event will be divided into two divisions: Men's Open and Women's Open.

Registration fee is $100 and includes contest entry, Cape Hatteras Wave Classic event shirt, Welcome Dinner & Opening Party, Awards Dinner & Ceremony, and cash prizes for winners.


Judging Criteria: Riders will be scored on Wave Riding (50%), Tricks (25%), and Overall Impression (25%).