2017 was nothing short of amazing on the Outer Banks. As a new year quickly approaches, we reflect on previous months spent exploring this stretch of barrier islands. We’ve assembled 5 of our top moments from 2017, each represented by a picture taken from our Instagram feed.

shelly island

Shelly Island & Cape Point

In spring of this year, we welcomed a new island to the OBX, Shelly Island, just off Cape Hatteras. It later reconnected to Cape Point, but remains a symbol of just how dynamic and beautiful the OBX shoreline is. This was also the first year Cape Point remained open all year for ORV driving. 


hatteras lighthouse

Hatteras Is On!

After bridge construction accidentally caused a weeklong power outage on Hatteras Island, the seven villages once again opened their doors and welcomed in guests.

vacation homes

Beach Rental Homes & Beach Nourishment

Named one of the Top 10 Beaches in the USA by Travel Channel, we can’t help but agree looking at these fun and funky beach homes. OBX rentals are perfect for weeklong vacations and bringing together multiple generations of families and friends. Plus, the newly widened shoreline provides increased defense from coastal elements and more beach to love!

starry night

Sky Scapes

We all know there is no transformation more beautiful than the colors of the sky during sunrise and sunset. But have you seen the unrefined, intensely clear nights that create a pristine environment for stargazing?



Seals on the Outer Banks

Seals stop here for rest and relaxation during their long migration from the North, in addition to the (over) 400 species of birds that land at Pea Island Wildlife Refuge. Let’s take a moment to wave goodbye to another memorable year.


The fun doesn’t stop there. In fact, you can start planning a full year’s worth of bucket list “firsts” for you and yours to complete once you arrive on the Outer Banks. We enjoy the title of America’s First Beach, and rightfully so (the country’s first national seashore, the English’s first attempted settlement in the New World, man’s first powered flight, and more), so make your upcoming trip a vacation of firsts. You’ll be rewarded for stepping outside your comfort zone. 2018 promises adventures for doers and dreamers. Download our Bucket List.

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