Every town on the OBX has an individual character, making each as unique as their visitors. When Orville and Wilbur Wright needed a secluded site for their aviation tests, the village of Kitty Hawk gladly welcomed them. They made four flights from sand dunes now part of the town of Kill Devil Hills. Several stories exist as to how the town got its name, but one legend suggests pirates drinking moonshine are to blame. No matter your reason to visit, discover your new favorite town on the OBX. FIND YOUR SPOT >

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Tradition Flight

A tradition of flight

Historical flights on the Outer Banks go beyond just the Wright Brothers. Orville and Wilbur found steady winds and wide beaches near Kitty Hawk for their first controlled, powered flight in 1903. But the town of Frisco on Hatteras Island also soars with American flight history. In 1923, General Billy Mitchell launched a series of bomber demos from a tiny Frisco airstrip against battleship targets off the Outer Banks. The exhibition proved the need for air power and inspired the creation of the U.S. Air Force.